Would you like to be the person who secured the funding to support 10 women to start micro-businesses in your community in the next 12 months?

We are looking for individuals who represent towns/regions who value micro-business and want to see more of them thrive in 2019!

We’re committed to supporting 700 rural women, from 70 different towns/communities in Australia, start or scale their micro-business successfully in a rural or regional community – rejuvenating local communities and helping families affected by drought and potentially adding an additional $15,000 – $50,000 to their income.

We’d love for your community to be considered!


THE Seed Scheme is an initiative of The Rural Woman and with the support of our aligned Sponsor Partners, we provide scholarships to receive 12 months business support to women in PODS (groups) of 10 in communities across Australia

We believe (and know) that in this day and age, a geographic location shouldn’t be a barrier to building a successful business so we help women realise their dreams by providing structured business training/mentoring, national and local networking opportunities and simple to use business technology.

We’ve already provided 90 scholarships to women in 9 different towns in Australia with thanks to Narromine Shire Council and Regional Australia Bank including:

  • Narromine Shire
  • Warrumbungle Shire
  • Temora Shire
  • Glen Innes Shire
  • Walgett Shire
  • Gunnedah Shire
  • Yarrawonga Shire
  • Roma/Maranoa Region
  • Woolgoolga


But we’re a long way from our goal of supporting 700 women-led micro-enterprises in 2019!


From our experience so far, we know, that the MOST successful campaigns and PODS happen when there is very keen and supportive LOCAL contact – which is why we are opening this General Expression of Interest process!

If you are a PASSIONATE person willing to support THE Seed Scheme – because you LOVE to see rural women succeed and you want to do everything in your power to connect them to the support they need then WE’RE LOOKING FOR YOU!

Questions to ask yourself before submitting an Expression of Interest

  • Would there be 10 women in my town/village/community/local government area/regional centre/regional city/language group who would say a big YES to applying for a 12 month scholarship for business support?
  • What kind of businesses do you think we’d unearth in your area?
  • What difference would 10 new businesses make in your area?
  • Are you well networked and would you be willing to be our main contact in your town and share information freely and widely?

You can express interest on behalf of your local area by clicking the link or completing the form below.

NOTE – this does not guarantee your town a place in THE Seed Scheme! But it does get you a step closer!

NOTE 2 – this is an expression of interest on behalf of your whole town – not just you as an individual. IF you are an individual and you want to express interest click HERE and submit your EOI


Once we receive your Expression of Interest, we’ll be in touch to get some more details (if we can see a fit) and discuss your community.

If there’s a good fit – GREAT.

If we have a Sponsor Partner, we’ll connect you and make it happen.

If we don’t have a Sponsor Partner – we’ll work with you to connect with potential Sponsor Partners in your region. We know you know your community best and we can work on a collaborative approach that sees us secure the best support for the women in your town.

We’re Backing Women-Led Business In Rural Australia - Will You?!

Expressions of Interest are open NOW for your town/shire/region considered as host of a THE Seed Scheme POD of 10 women, sponsored as Members of THE Rural Woman; providing them support to start their new micro-business with a year of funded support, technology and business tools, weekly training and mentoring and connection to a national network and their fellow local POD members.