THE Seed Scheme – blooming the success of 700 women-led enterprises in rural Australia in 2019/2020.


THE Rural Woman is inviting women who would like to participate in a 8 Week Business Activation Program AND receive 12 months support to start or grow a business to apply for participation in THE Seed Scheme.


If you are located in the towns/local government areas of:

Broken Hill, Kerang, Wingham, Inland Pilbara, Toowoomba, Stroud, Lachlan Shire or Clarence Valley

we are inviting you to submit an Application to THE Seed Scheme Program commencing 18th May 2020.


You can view the course outline for the Business Activation Program here.


Perhaps you have been looking for support to start your business or bring that big idea to life or get an enterprise that matters to you off the ground or increase your reach and impact and improve profitability, management and your business generally. You will be given the opportunity to connect with likeminded women in your community, in a pod of 9 women who are sharing this journey and growing together.


THE Seed Scheme is one of the most exciting female-led projects in rural Australia and this is your chance to get involved!

Can we support you in your idea, enterprise or business for 1 full year?

So many courses and workshops and experiences are short lived – you get all hyped up and full of excitement and then the daily grind kicks in!

What if you could get that same buzz AND great support/advice/mentoring and skills development, week in week out – and receive full support for a whole year, to get you stability, certainty and confidence back into your growth.

Getting started – and keeping going can be a challenge and what we’ve learned from delivering support to thousands of rural women in the last 5 years, is that consistency is key to success!

AND, being surrounded by supportive women on a similar journey can also be hugely beneficial! Your POD in THE Seed Scheme will have up to 9 other women from within your community and you will be able to support each other and grow together.

With the support of THE Seed Scheme, those challenges you face on a daily basis in business and life can be more easily identified early and overcome with ease.

THE Rural Woman is suporting women in the following towns Broken Hill, Kerang, Wingham, Inland Pilbara, Toowoomba, Stroud, Lachlan Shire, and Clarence Valley to participate in THE Seed Scheme.

Applications close: 1 May 2020, 5pm AEDT

Successful applicants invited to accept: 4 May 2020

POD Announced: 11 May 2020

8 week intensive begins: 18 May

Activation weekend will be held 12-14 June 2020

First POD Call: To be announced

COMPLETE Your Application TODAY To have a chance and securing your place in THE Seed Scheme 2020!

To prepare your questions you can download a PDF version of them here.

To be eligible you must be willing to:

  • Commit to the eight week intensive, as many of the online training as possible and all your POD gatherings
  • Participate in THE Activation Weekend and give it 100%
  • Sign an agreement to solidify your commitment to your growth and the growth of the other women in the POD
  • Contribute $18/week for 12 months contribution for the partial scholarship you will receive.
  • Do the work that’s required to get products/services ready to sell with our support
  • Try new things
  • Focus on doing what you love, being of service, profitability, and scalability


  1. Complete the online application form. You will be taken to this form when you click the ‘apply now’ button or it’s on this page too.
  2. Make a 2-3 minute VIDEO where you talk about:
  • Your DREAM. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
  • Your ideal customer
  • Your ideal product or service. What do you want to sell?
  • Your financial goal in the first 12 months of your business
  • Why we should support you to grow/start your business.

Once you’ve made your video you’ll need to upload it to youtube or vimeo.

We’ve prepared an upload guide for you here.

Have more questions about making a video? Check our out FAQs

Applications close Friday 1st May 5pm AEDT

If successful you will receive

  • Access to a 8 Week Business Activation Program, delivered Online (LIVE) which will help you build the foundations of your successful business and set you up to make the most of the next 12 months of support
  • A fun Activation weekend shared with the POD, delivered online and also in-person focusing on planning, pitching and team building!
  • Weekly LIVE online mentoring and training in business and technology
  • Support from a dedicated POD Facilitator. The POD Facilitator helps you connect with fellow Seed Scheme Members and develop a local support network
  • Access to an online platform giving you CONNECTION to your POD Members and other women in our community.  You will have the ability to promote your events, business and activities within this platform.
  • Access to a network of hundreds of rural women across the country who are also starting/running their own business.
  • A curated learning plan that includes 24/7 access to hundreds of hours of recorded training videos in marketing, sales, financial management, product development, events, social media, mindset and business
  • Connection to Partners who can support you in the realisation of your business and enterprise goals

THE Seed Scheme is ideal for women who are:

  • Wanting to start a business (while still employed)
  • Currently self-employed but want to take their business online
  • Full of ideas but don’t know where to start
  • Impacted by drought, fire, flood and COVID-19
  • Wanting to make an extra $15,000-$55,000 per year doing what they love
  • Interested in value adding an existing product
  • Seeking off-farm income
  • Have an existing business but have hit a ‘plateau’
  • Are feeling overwhelmed with how to work ‘on’ their business
  • Committed to their own development
  • Confident in their skills but don’t know how to monetize them
  • Wanting to take your knowledge/skills and turn it into a business
  • Creative and want to turn their hobby into a business
  • Experiencing isolation
  • Nearing retirement and want to create something for the future
  • Tech fearful, but willing to try
  • Trying to start a business but not getting traction
  • Dipping your toe into business and wanting to take it further.

We encourage ALL women who are ready to take action and get their idea into reality but we particularly encourage applications from women who are:

  • Aged 55+
  • Aged 18-25
  • Indigenous
  • Migrants or newly arrived
  • Living in town/village or on farm
  • Unemployed or under-employed.

APPLY to secure your place in THE Seed Scheme!

Seed Scheme – Application Form

To Understand How To Create THE BEST Application contact

For information related to Broken Hill, Toowoomba, Stroud, Lachlan Shire please contact your POD Facilitator Cathryn Mahon.

For information related to Kerang, Wingham, Inland Pilbara, and Clarence Valley please contact your POD Facilitator Ayesha Hilton.

Tools To Ensure Submission Success