The benefits to Sponsor Partners will be tenfold in terms of economic return to their community. There will be easy measurements for the economic data based on the turn over, profit and expenditure of the Founding micro-enterprises. We will also be measuring social and emotional impact for Founders, and attempt to measure the ripple this will have in community – which we expect to have the greatest impact.


  • Choose the geographic location to focus on – local/regional/state
  • Opportunity to develop research projects around the Scheme
  • Economic development and injection into the local economy with potential for minimum
  • $500,000 new money circulating or being injected into the community for every 20 microenterprises supported
  • 10 or more new micro-enterprises supported to grow, thrive and generate profits in the region of your choice
  • Long term benefit to the community for those who continue their business /participation beyond the initial sponsorship through THE Seed Scheme ecosystem
  • A pool of community leaders being nurtured and supported 
  • No required active involvement for your direct team other than promotion and sharing, unless desired
  • Opportunities to engage and collaborate with with the local Founder cluster group and add  further value or connect
  • Direct connection to your successful Founders as well as the extended network of other participating Founders


  • National media coverage and promotion of your participation, celebrating successes along the way
  • Brand awareness and connection to a larger purpose
  • Exposure of your organisation’s profile as proactive, investor supportive & progressive

Who And Where Are Our Sponsor Partners?

Your organisation is socially conscious, innovation and investment focused, and deeply passionate about rural Australia progressing and succeeding. Sponsor Partners can include:

Local Government, State Government, Federal Government, Governing Bodies, Banks, Regional Development Australia, Corporate Business, Philanthropists, Giving Circles, Business, Community, Employment, Drought and Indigenous Support Organisations, Media, Mining Companies or Individuals.


Your Scholarship Partnership will provide 80% seed-funding to micro-enterprise Founders to engage in the 12 month Program below: 

The funds provided will enable Founders receive: 

  • 12 months Mentoring in a PROVEN online Business, Leadership and Personal Development Program.
  • 12 months access to the technology required to start or scale an online business and become members of THE Rural Woman online community.
  • Access to an online micro-enterprise ecosystem for connecting with other Founders for support, advice and encouragement
  • Access to pathways to growth funding and  low cost/doc lending through other National partners


We manage the process from beginning to end, with as much involvement of you and your team as you desire. 

Step 1: Partnership Agreement outlining the responsibilities of each party, the geographic area for focus on, reporting and evaluation frameworks 

Step 2: Marketing Application process 

Step 3: Applicants reviewed and selected by THE Seed Scheme Panel which includes Sponsor Partners 

Step 4: Applicants announced and onboarded 

Step 5: 12 month program commences 

Step 6: Quarterly review and reporting 

Step 7: Program end and evaluation 



Let us help you easily contribute to the economic potential of the women in your community!

We do all the work for you in the process of development, management and implementation of THE Seed Scheme and are able to customise the benefit to your specific organsiation and community. 

Local Partners 

We have Seed-Funding packages starting at $6,000 + gst for small (pop 7500 or less) organisations and Councils which enables the development of 10 women-led micro-enterprises in one geographic location and from $12,000+ gst which enables the development of 20 women-led micro-enterprises in one geographic location. 

State Partners 

Our State partners will seed fund a minimum of 5 pods of 10 women across their selected state with packages starting at $30,000+ gst 

National Partners 

A National partnership seed-funding for a minimum of 8 pods of 10 women with packages starting at $48,000+gst 

We welcome Sponsorship from single organisations across multiple locations/states. 

We also encourage industry specific seed-funding for micro-enterprises. 

For an additional $7500+ per cluster of 10 Founders we can offer an amazing face to face Digital Literacy Workshop that will significantly improve the confidence and camaraderie of the women in that cluster.