Making your business a priority

We have all been there – we are busy in our business and another priority crops up – or a distraction. Children get sick, elederly relatives need you, you are offered a paying job, your husband loses his job…while these are all important for you to provide support – they are all distractions to you growing your business.

How strong is your need and your desire to have a successful business? Our founder Rebel Black shares her thoughts in the below video.

With your place in THE Seed Scheme you have been given an opportunity to tap into the resources of THE Rural Woman and grow your business – and gain support from within your own community!

Do you still want to leave the scheme?

Maybe you would like to talk to someone on the phone about your options – send us an email to and we will schedule a time for you.


May you bloom where you are planted, 

Rebel and THE Seed Scheme Team xx