THE Seed Scheme is the most exciting female-focused, rurally based, blended delivery enterprise & leadership development program in the world.

Part incubator, part business school, part leadership program and part life-academy, THE Seed Scheme brings together geographically disparate women who want to grow a business, enterprise or idea and provides them a unique and supportive environment in which to Bloom.

THE Seed Scheme begins with a 12 week activation programme, giving you the fundamentals of business and laying the foundation for incredible growth. Ongoing mentoring, education and support is available to those who choose to continue to uplevel.

We know that women thrive when their environment is supportive. So often in rural communities people get ‘stuck’ in the sameness, slow change and environmental conditions that inhibit new ideas, growth and individuals reaching full potential.

We are changing this through THE Seed Scheme by providing access to activating, unique and creative environments online that inspire and support transformation and enterprise potential.


The evidence globally says that women are more likely to re-invest in communities, resulting in improved life conditions for all. 

‘When a rural woman blooms, all around her bloom too – it’s a powerful and deeply felt ripple,’ Rebel Black

This is not to shift responsibility for social and economic change to women, but to recognise that investment in women’s growth has value and benefit for more than the individual being invested in. 

“Women’s economic participation and their ownership and control of productive assets speeds up development, helps overcome poverty, reduces inequalities and improves children’s nutrition, health, and school attendance. Women typically invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities than men.” OECD

THE Program

THE Seed Scheme is for women who are ready for change. Who desire growth for themselves and their business.

Applications are sought from rural and regional based woman who are either in-business or have an idea they would like to bloom.

Applications are assessed and offers made to join the Activation Program. At this stage you may choose to upgrade to include group mentoring also.

You will be invited into THE Community where you can begin to connect and learn.

The program includes weekly 90 minute calls, which are structured to give you an opportunity to ask questions, workshop the activities which have been set and be prepared for the next week.

For those who have upgraded, group mentoring calls are held fortnightly with your Coach.

The Activation program includes a welcome weekend, which is a great way for you to get to know your fellow cohort members. Allowing you to create connections and friendships to help you thrive.

Continuity of learning and support is of importance to THE Rural Woman, so when you have completed the Activation program you will be invited to either join Bloom or to continue in THE Seed Scheme.


THE Seed Scheme program is developed and managed by THE Rural Woman – a global community of rural women blooming where they are. They are passionate about fostering connection, nurturing new enterprise and building resilience in Rural Women around the world.

THE Rural Woman’s mission is to re-imagine connection for isolated people and to enable rural women to both #livelocalgrowglobal and #bloomwheretheyareplanted.

Since launching in 2015 the team has been delivering award-winning world-class mentoring, training and coaching in business, leadership and personal development. With the head office located in the outback opal mining town of Lightning Ridge, NSW, the business has a team of 15 across Australia and Asia including coaches, administrative, tech and training consultants, a membership of 100+ active users and a weekly reach of 20,000.

THE Rural Woman is a rapidly expanding influencer and activator in the use of technology and micro-enterprise to catalyse the renewal of rural communities in Australia and across the world.

In 2015 THE Rural Woman was recognised as a Regional Online Hero by Google and Regional Australia Institute, in 2016 were awarded a Lexus & Collective Hub Start Up Award and in 2019 received the Coup de Couer Du Jury in the International Women in Tech Challenge in Paris