Thank-you for agreeing to be a local activator in your town. Your role is to spread the word of the program and encourage people to submit EOI’s.

You will be supplied with marketing materials to assist with social media, gaining media exposure and reaching out to Councils and other groups.

The Project Manager for THE Seed Scheme is available to provide you the support you will need.

You are welcome to apply to be part of THE Seed Scheme, and will need to go through the same process in completing an EOI and then an application. As a thank-you we will waive your participation fee for the 12 months, if your POD has at least 7 paying members. You have the option of paying $6 per week into our pay-it-forward fund.

If you choose not join the POD as a member, you are still welcome to be part of the program. How this involvement will be will be determined by the members of THE Pod.

To ensure you are clear on your role as a local activator we ask you complete the following. I understand as local activator I am expected to:

  • Seek clarification from the Project Manager on any aspect I don’t understand
  • Be a positive advocate for THE Seed Scheme and THE Rural Woman
  • Seek media
  • Promote on social media
  • Connect to local networks and council

Simply Enter Your Details Below

THE Seed Scheme Local Activator