2020 Expression of Interest

THE Seed Scheme – blooming the success of 700 women-led enterprises in rural Australia in 2019/2020.


Are You A Rural Woman Who Lives In local government’s of Charters Towers, Mirboo North, Cabonne, Guyra, Horsham or Narromine?

and do you feel like 2020 Is Your Year to #THRIVE In Business?

If you are ready to finally achieve the dreams you’ve dared to dream and you are excited at the opportunity to learn, grow, connect with other rural women and to finally shine – then we are excited to meet you!

AND THE good news is

Regional Australia Bank and Narromine Shire Council  REALLY want to support to achieve your business and life ambitions!

They want you to feel successful and joyful and they are looking forward to connecting you to other rural women who also want to share the experience of success so you can do it together!

Right now we are inviting rural women, just like you, who are ready to take their big idea, business or enterprise to the next level and who are looking for an amazing support crew to help – to express an interest in applying for THE Seed Scheme in 2020.

THE Seed Scheme is powered by THE Rural Woman and is supporting the growth of women-led businesses across rural Australia.

Yours could be next!

How much could your business grow with a year of support and training?

THE Seed Scheme program has been supporting rural women to succeed in business since 2018 and so far has helped 60% of participants increase their income by $15,000 or more, has supported 100+ women to connect with incredible business education, access to support in technology and has provided opportunities for connection to like-minded and supportive rural women locally and nationally.

THE Seed Scheme offers 3 main streams of support:

  1. 6 Week Business Activation Intensive (delivered online) – this is the foundation building for business when Members will receive all the knowledge and support to ensure they have the right business structures, principles and supports in place including registrations, insurances, finances, product development, marketing and sales. They will develop confidence in themselves and their business model and plan.
  2. THE POD – this is their core community, a group of women in their local area OR online (depending on the scholarship) who, with the support of a Facilitator, will become their champions, cheerleaders, friends and supporters. We will help these groups, through fun activities, regular catch ups and team development, to become a cohort that continues long after the program has ended
  3. 12 Months Support- once the Intensive has completed, Members will get access to an incredible resource for 12 months that includes self paced courses, weekly LIVE online calls, peer to peer mentoring, online community and education in business, technology and well-being.


Regional Bank Australia is providing (80%) scholarships to 50 women in Charters Towers, Mirboo North, Cabonne, Guyra and Horsham (10 women in each town) to participate in THE Seed Scheme.

Narromine Shire Council is providing (80%)  scholarships to 10 women in the Local Goverment area of Narromine

Important Dates

Expressions of Interest & Applications close: 14 February 2020
Successful applicants announced: 28 February 2020 by email

Please submit your details so we can send information on THE Seed Scheme and how you could be eligible to receive an 80% scholarship! 

Seed Scheme – Expression of Interest

THE Seed Scheme Members Receive

  • 6 weeks of intensive business support, training and mentoring – delivered online
  • A fun Activation weekend shared with the POD, delivered online and also in-person focusing on planning, pitching and team building!
  • Weekly LIVE online mentoring and training in business and technology
  • Support from a dedicated POD Facilitator. The POD Facilitator helps you connect with fellow Seed Scheme Members and develop a local support network
  • Access to an online platform giving you CONNECTION to your POD Members and other women in our community.  You will have the ability to promote your events, business and activities within this platform.
  • Access to a network of hundreds of rural women across the country who are also starting/running their own online business.
  • A curated learning plan that includes 24/7 access to hundreds of hours of recorded training videos in marketing, sales, financial management, product development, events, social media, mindset and business
  • Connection to Partners who can support you in the realisation of your business and enterprise goals

Please complete the Expression of Interest Form so we can send you an Application pack and share the Application page with you!


THE Seed Scheme helps rural woman start or scale up their business or enterprise. Our Partner is providing an 80% scholarship towards a year of incredible support in business business, technology and leadership training and group Mentoring as well as supporting the development of a local support network – we call PODS!


Our goal is that through training, mentoring and community support, every Member of THE Seed Scheme achieves: 

  • Clarity  in her vision and ambition, in her product/service, in her financial goal and profitability, in her marketing and sales processes,
  • Confidence in herself, to take her product/service to market, in her ability to succeed
  • Connection to the tools and training she needs to achieve her goals, the technology required to take her product/service to market and manage it effectively, to other rural women for mutual support, advice, collaboration and encouragement, connection to Partners and their extended network


Our Members are women drawn from across Australia who have an idea or a passion for starting a new venture, launching an idea or creating enterprise or business and are dedicated to doing the work – and receiving the support to get started!

Members will be selected through a competitive application process for the region/area of the supporting Partner’s choice.

Priority will be given to women who are:

  • Living in a Rural Regional or Remote locality
  • Wanting to start a business (while still employed)
  • Currently un-employed or under-employed (part time/casual
  • Aged 55+
  • Indigenous
  • Impacted by drought
  • In an area of high socio-economic disadvantage
  • From a migrant or refugee background
  • Seeking off-farm income
  • Interested in value adding existing product
  • Experiencing isolation
  • Demonstrating a willingness to invest in themselves
    (20% of cost of program $6/week for first 12 months)


THE Seed Scheme started in late 2018 with our first Members and since then subsidized scholarships have been provided to 90 women in 9 communities/regions across three states!

  • 50% of the PODS have seen an increase in revenue of $15,000/annum or more
  • 1 x POD’s average revenue has doubled in 6 months!
  •  45% of the PODS express an increase in confidence
  • There has been mindset shifts around the role of being a business owner including, a willingness to try to new things, digging into fear and focusing, not being afraid of ‘no’, looking bigger, doing the work and getting results and increased self belief and confidence. 
  • Some of the specific outcomes so far:
    • Business growth leading to the employment of staf
    • Buying an arm of a former employers business and seeing growth week 1
    • Opening a clinic and running a Health and Wellness Expo locally

Since then we’ve added new features to the Program including a Monthly CNM (Co-Working, Networking & Mentoring Room), a Welcome Weekend Adventure which incorporates local and online connections and a significantly improved online platform enabling greater connectivity and access.

Our big picture is that THE Seed Scheme will:

  • Enable the development of 700 women-led enterprises in rural and regional communities in 12-18 months
  • Inject $17.5 million or more into the rural Australian economy in the first year
  • Provide 12 months consistent weekly business and leadership training and group mentoring
  • Returns social and economic value to small towns, villages and regional centres nationally
  • Provides a regenerative online eco-system to ensure the success of the enterprises we support
  • Encourages and supports collaboration between all enterprises
  • Empowers rural women to #livelocalgrowglobal and share their extraordinary talents, intellect, skills, products and services to serve a much wider audience
  • Will support the emergence of powerful women-led enterprise clusters in local communities through strategic investment and partnering


THE Rural Woman is the power behind THE Seed Scheme and their mission is to re-imagine connection for isolated people and to enable rural women to #livelocalgrowglobal and #bloomwheretheyare

Since launching in 2014, the THE Rural Woman has been delivering award-winning world-class mentoring, training and coaching in business, leadership and personal development. With the head office located in the outback opal mining town of Lightning Ridge, NSW, the business has a team of 15 across Australia and Asia including coaches, administrative, tech and training consultants, a membership of 100+ active users and a weekly reach of 20,000-30,000 through our various channels.

THE Rural Woman is a rapidly expanding influencer and activator in the use of technology and micro-enterprise to catalyse the renewal of rural communities in Australia and across the world.

In 2015 THE Rural Woman was recognised as a Regional Online Hero by Google and Regional Australia Institute and in 2016 they won the Lexus & Collective Hub Start Up Award and in 2019 they were awarded Coup de Couer Du Jury at the Women in Tech International Challenge in Paris.


The Narromine Shire Council has provided 10 subsidies of 80% of the program cost for participation in THE Seed Scheme.

If you are successful (you will need to apply) this subsidy covers:

  • 12 months support through a proven online Business, Leadership and Personal Development Program.
  • 12 months access to THE Rural Woman online community platform and the ability to promote your own courses and events through this platform 
  • Access to an online micro-enterprise ecosystem for connecting with other rural women, subject matter experts, mentors and advisors for support, advice and encouragement
  • Facilitated support to create a local support network (POD)

THE Seed Scheme members pay $16.99 USD/month which contributes to the following:

  • 50% =contribution to a ‘Growth Funding Pool’ for THE Seed Scheme Alumni
  • 25% = pay it forward subsidies for 2021 THE Seed Scheme
  • 25% = pay it forward globally for women in micro-enterprise


Members of THE Seed Scheme must:

  • agree to participate fully in all aspects of the program, including supporting the success of the other women in their POD
  • make a commitment to meet deadlines and follow the established program
  • ensure they have good access to internet (even if not at home, via other methods)
  • contribute 20% of the cost to participate in THE Seed Scheme to pay-it-forward


Most enterprises and businesses do not succeed because the founders/owners do not spend sufficient time working ON the enterprise.

THE Seed Scheme affords you the time to focus on the structure, systems and strategy of your enterprise or business and is enormously valuable.

It will SAVE you time and money in the future as you will be more clear and confident.

The time commitment is approx between 2-5 hours a week – this include

  • 2 x 1 hour LIVE training/mentoring sessions
  • self-paced courses 
  • action taking
  • meeting with your POD

If you cannot commit to this, please do NOT submit an expression of interest. 

We can only work with women who are willing to put in the time and effort required to get the most out of this opportunity.